Discover what makes us special
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Have a seat
Discover our fresh food with our thai chef, high level in cooking and same same in burgering.
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Ice and buckets
Be there to share a drink in our newly made modern/jungle bar. Special wamups before parties.
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Swimming pool

Crystal water
When sun is up, enjoy a refreshing hour in our round-shaped swimming pool
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Vehicle rental

I want to break free
Take a tour on the island with our motorbike and jeep rental service, from 24h to as long as you need.
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Other services

The little things
All you need during your trip with us : padlock, towel, laundry, snorkeling, taxi, shop…
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Travel agency

To the infinite and beyond
Wether you need to discover Koh Samui or going to Chiang Mai, we can book your ticket and find the better price for your travel.
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No time to sleep
With our fully equipped place, there is no way you can get bored here. Hammocs, darts, pool, ping pong, polo, dashboard games and much more…
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Parties tickets

Welcome to full moon party
Koh Phangan is famous for its parties, we are able to bring you there and provide the ticket. Black, half, acid, shiva, full moon, we can do it.


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